X4 i-Robot

Inline Robotic Inspection Solution

Flexibility & Productivity serving metrology within the production line.

The X4 i-Robot technology is suitable for all industrial robots; it provides a production metrology solution accurate, reliable and flexible. X4 i-Robot is perfectly suited for applications requiring flexibility and productivity while providing high metrological accuracy.
  • Measuring accuracy fully independent of robot’s positioning precision.
  • Robot movements perfectly synchronized with measurement.
  • Robot trajectory entirely controlled by Metrolog X4 part program.

The X4 i-Robot measuring system is based on a high speed acquisition laser scanner attached to a multi-axes robot wrist. The robot, of any type or brand, without specific accuracy, behaves as a simple tool holder. The measuring accuracy is provided, either by a separate tracking camera following the laser sensor box equipped with positioning LEDs, or by a laser tracker system.

The main applications can be found in the automotive, aerospace and their sub-contractors for the manufacturing lines metrology control.


• Scans almost all shapes of parts due to enhanced sensor performance.

• A laser tracker or photogrammetric system for accurate 3D positioning of optical scanner within the measuring area.

• Metrolog X4 software for comparative analysis of dimensional characteristics of the part compared to its CAD definition, flush and gap, sections and surfaces.

• Full control of robot directly from Metrolog X4 part programs.


• Independent metrology chain: the measuring accuracy is independent of robot’s precision.
• Perfect synchronization between measurements and robot movements.

• Simplified programming of the robot trajectory directly from the CAD:

- Time savings due to offline programming.

- Complete flexibility when part is modified; simply update the trajectory inside Metrolog X4.

- Independent of robot accuracy: tolerant to robot drift, warm-up and backlash.

- No need for cyclic robot calibration.

• Process integration by using industrial robots:

- Fast and lean manipulator for laser scanner.

- Flexible adaptation for different parts and models.

- Interfaces to all robots brand or type, size and accuracy level.

- Easy robot replacement in case of maintenance. It is not involved in the measurement chain; it may be replaced without wasting time, programming or calibration.

• Robust and flexible integration.

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