CMM Upgrade with optical scanner

The complete and integrated solution to use optical scanner on CMM with non contact software

Metrologic Offer a Real point cloud inspection software

  • One unique 3D software for acquisition & analysis
  • Reliable feature extraction
  • Real point data used, no averaging!
  • Quick and secure part programming

Metrologic offers a full hardware solution 100% ready for Scanners

  • ME 5011: high speed controller directly compatible with scanners (Kreon™, Perceptron™, Nikon/Metris™, Datapixel™, …)
  • Our electronics drive the machine to follow the part shape!
  • Synchronization of scanner signal and machine movement: the unique way to measure accurately and use error mapping.

CMM Scanner follows the part shape during acquisition:

To learn more about our 3D measuring software and non contact measuring software

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